This website is dedicated to the literature of Heavy Metal Music and all its sub-genres. We are glad to see a growing number of interesting books about Metal coming from various directions.

Some of those books are historical documents where great dozes of information are gathered and preserved for the future generations. For example, books like Swedish Death Metal and American Hair Metal are detailed, almost complete, accounts of their respective scenes. These kinds of books definitely deserve your attention especially if you were there when it happened!

Younger fans have also the chance to study the development and the general aura of Metal Music in the pre-internet world. How it was like, without youtube? Without Facebook and without e-mail? Why some bands became more popular than others? Was it only the music? What happened? And what was the meaning of all these?

We are also glad to see world famous Metal musicians like Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Mustaine putting down their memories into paper. Hopefully many more will follow. An excellent insider window to the world of Rock Business. Is it really that glamorous as most people think?

And if you want a deeper analysis of all musicological and cultural aspects of Metal Music there are books for you too! Every little thing is examined, investigated and explored to the point it gets ridiculous! LOL! Seriously, though, within the Academic framework there are indeed brilliant books for the very thinking metalhead where the heaviness of the reading itself will either piss you off or will enlighten you even further.

We have collected nearly all available heavy metal books and placed them in a few wide (and not so wide) categories with easy access to purchase them on-line from the biggest sites: ebay and Amazon. You may also try to find some of those books from other retailers and we have list some on our resources page. Enjoy reading and play some music loud!